Prize Nominations

Pushcart Prize | 2023
Darius Atefat-Peckham — “I Am Not Disappearing
Jacob Boyd — “Remember that Your Life Belongs to Others As Well. Do Not Endanger It Frivolously
Kristen Lindsey — “Ghosted
Meghan Louise Wagner — “Wild Sage
Ben Miller — “Faith Strand’s Sound and Fury
Tara Stillions Whitehead — “None of this is Real

Best of the Net | 2023
Emily Franklin — “Gallery of Extinct Birds
Lauren Green — “My Life
Kari Gunter-Seymour — “Saving Sgt. Billings
Jay Hodges — “Our Own Country
Elise Lasko — “Relapse Fantasy
Kim Magowan/Michelle Ross — “Deluxe Scrabble
Tiffany Melanson — “Color Theory
Robert Morgan — “Bone Song
Lisa Parker — “Smoke, Salt, Sweet
David B. Prather — “The Boy in the High School Science Room

Pushcart Prize | 2022
Hussain Ahmed — “Half the Sky is Grey with Shame
Ofelia Brooks — “Mother Tongue
Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar — “The Making of Mango Pickle
Khanh Ha — “Destination Unknown
Tiffany Melanson — “Color Theory
Beth Weinstock — “On Troy Hill Above Pittsburgh

Pushcart Prize | 2021
Sage Behr — “Colorado Springs
Jay Hodges — “Our Own Country
Ethan Rutherford — “Angus & Annabel
E.C. Salibian — “Eat Before You Go
Erica Veurink — “Five Hours Ahead
Barrett Warner — “Pianos and Stuff