Act Three/Sonnet +1  #36 (and other poems)

Act Three/Sonnet +1  #36

Sure fine.
i want the sun bear to be happy too.
the days are always the same amount of too long 
and there is either too much to do or what there is
is not exciting. but of course he’s happy to return 
to his cubs watch the game and have something 
to talk about. when the cubs win the world series
it’s a great story. cubs grow up because that’s what
they do. you shouldn’t look into that still river. the moon
will be here soon. if the air doesn’t feel like being wind 
the sun bear can see himself in the still river. or. he could
return home and use his closet mirror. all the advancements
are too helpful and present to be noticed. the sun bear’s
neck ties are all the wrong shade of green. turn the lights 
back off. can’t you see the sun bear’s wife is trying to sleep

Act Three/Sonnet #37 

Okay you got me. i cheated. the last poem was
too long. i didn’t think you were paying attention. i am
glad you're paying attention. isn’t that what we both want.
the sun bear reads books on bear traps so he can feel 
empowered. the trap expert paid the ghost writer
because he likes to be listened to but isn’t good with
words. and the ghost writer is on a plane to malaysia. 
the sun bear isn’t sure what the opposite of
a zero sum game is. he hasn’t read the theory. yet.
he still believes in the good of it all. he plants
the seeds and waits till spring. see there’s been 
star fruits all along. why bother convincing
the sun bear of anything else. there’s a cub being born 
in the san diego zoo today. we do not choose the definition of home.

Act Three/Sonnet #42

Of course there’s a sun bear in birmingham that knows 
about mars. but everyone seems really happy and he 
is good at keeping secrets. today the sun bear is searching 
for land. there’s a marble in his pocket. since this is a poem 
we get to know this marble is earth and that the bear 
works as a public relations director for the sun bear 
space program. this sun bear knows that visuals are more
effective than words alone. it is difficult to find seven 
square miles of open land. sun bears keep secrets from 
each other. it’s for the best we’re told. yes from a far enough
distance the sun bear world is small but it’s best if we don’t think 
about that. the sun bears come home and kiss each other. then. 
back to their possibly fulfilling jobs in the morning. all at once this happens 
on the sun bear plant. many times over. the sun bears eventually fall asleep.


  • Sean Cho A. is the author of American Home, winner of the Autumn House Press chapbook contest. His work can be found or ignored in Copper Nickel, Prairie Schooner, The Massachusetts Review, Nashville Review, among others. Sean is a graduate of the MFA program at The University of California Irvine and a PhD Student at the University of Cincinnati. He is the Editor in Chief of The Account.

  • Images of the Space Shuttle docking with Mir in 1995, the International Space Station in 2009, and Astronaut Bruce McCandless on an untethered space walk in 1984. Courtesy NASA.